People remember how you made them feel

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

So today, yes today, have you made people feel in a way that you want to be remembered?

Fix it.  Only you have this power.

SMART Goals – Measurable

SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time bound) are a key way to double you effectiveness.  Your success on any goal comes down to Hours Worked times Effectiveness.  SMART goals help you prioritize your efforts which helps painlessly increase the Hours Worked and the Effectiveness of those hours.

One component of SMART goals, Measurable, is frequently only half considered.  You need to measure both the success toward the goal but (and here’s where most people fail) you must also measure the effort put toward achieving the goal.  I can’t even say how many times I worked with someone who was not accomplishing his/her goals who felt that he/she was really working hard on those goals.  Once we looked at their effort put in, we saw hours and hours each week waisted on Facebook, unnecessary research and low priority projects.  To accomplish your goals, pick a few broad measurements – 2 hours a day, 1 chapter a week, etc – and several specific measurements on high priority tasks.  For example, if you are starting your own home based business you may want to invest 3 hours a day (the broad measurement) which should include (high priority task measurements) 5 customer phone calls, 10 follow up emails and 20 postcards sent.  Track how well you are living up to those input measurements.  If you are not accomplishing your goals, this will give you information on which inputs need to be changed.


We were watching “Alone” last night.  Yes, I know.  Really bad TV.  It is a reality show where they dumped 10 men in 10 different places in the middle of nowhere with limited supplies and a satellite phone.  When one had a enough, they called the producers and were taken away.  The last one in the wilderness won $500,000.

The winner made a comment worthy of passing along.  Before the trip, his wife asked him, “what do you want to accomplish?”  He told her that he simply didn’t want to fail.  Then she asked, “Well, what does failure look like to you?”  She asked great questions.  What do you want to accomplish and what does failure (or success) look like TO YOU.  Before you start any big project or initiative in your life, ask yourself those questions.  Answering those questions early in the process will help you reach your goals and let you know when you have reached them.

Take wisdom where you find it

I’m not normally one to espouse wisdom found in Disney programs but take it where you can find it.  One quick scene in Disney’s Tomorrow land caught my attention.  Apparently in the back story, the father taught his kids that there are two wolves in each of us.  One is dark and angry, representing all the bad and hurtful impulses in our lives.  One is good and pure, representing our goodness.  The constantly fight.  Which one wins?  The one you feed most.