New offering

Several clients have said that our weekly sessions (with accompanying homework) is just too much.  They didn’t feel they had enough time to implement the changes we worked on together and maintain their already busy life.  By the time we got of the phone and they started working on the homework, it seemed that it was time already for our next session.  To address that frustration, I’m now working with clients on weekly, bi-weekly and monthly sessions.  The right frequency depends on the client and the client’s situation.

Currently, the bi-weekly seems to be the most popular.  Changes take a little longer but the important thing is that the clients are able to move forward and make lasting changes in their lives.

Please reach out to me if you are looking to make positive changes in your business and your life.  The majority of my clients are small business owners and executives.  Sessions are done by remotely by phone and typically on “off” hours.

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