Do they really have to meet you halfway?

When a loved one is hurt, lost or just anxious, do you really need them to meet you half way?  Right now, while they are in pain, do they really need to move to meet you at all?  Love them unconditionally.  Go to where they need you to be and love them.  Just be available.  Don’t put preconditions, obligations or expectations on your love.  Simply accept them, not only who they are when they are at their best but accept them for who they are when they are at their worst.  There is no score to keep in love.



And I even used the blinker

Had a little excitement on my commute today.  My hood popped open, completely covering my windshield, while I was driving down the highway.  I was able to ease onto the grassy median without crashing into anything.  I even used my blinker when I pulled over………a little automatic reflex there.  I’m ok and not too much damage to the car.  Incredibly exciting moment or two though.

Would you rather be right or be happy?

I don’t know who originally asked this question but I had a chance to ask it recently.  Too frequently we get too invested on having the other person concede that we are right.  They are invested in either having you concede that they are right or, at least, that they aren’t wrong.  There is no winner in this situation.  Both sides can’t win because it becomes either one wins or the other.  So typically, neither one wins and both are miserable.

To be happy, doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to admit to being wrong (especially if you don’t think you are).  It doesn’t mean that you have to admit that the other person was more in the right than you.  To be happy, you can simply agree that there are different points of view and this situation is best served to remain in the past.

via Would You Rather Be Right or Would You Rather Be Happy? | Psychology Today