Family with love to give

I’d like to introduce my niece and nephew, Nicki and Garrett. They are individually wonderful and caring people. Together they are loving, fun and supportive.

Aren’t they cute? Both Garrett and Nikki are athletic, having played hockey together for most of their childhood. Nikki is a kindergarten teacher and would do anything for the children in her class.

They would love to adopt a baby and give it a loving and caring home. From their letter to the expectant mother they hope to meet, “As we write this we can only imagine how overwhelming, stressful and emotional this time is for you. Without even having a face or name to you we can honestly say you must be one the bravest, selfless and strongest women out there.”

There are over 100,000 children put up for adoption each year in the United States alone. That means that there are around 100,000 mothers and expectant mothers who want the best for their children but may not be in a place to provide that love, stability and support. If you are one of those expectant mothers and want to find a loving expectant family, please check out Nikki and Garrett’s website here:

I know a lot of students and young professionals. I ask, even if you are not in need of a loving family, please share this link because someone you know may be in need.

5 minute favors

I’m a big fan of the 5 minute favors rule. Basically, if someone asks you for a favor that is only going to cost you five minutes of your time and doesn’t compromise your values, do it. It is sort of an automatic pay it forward policy.

Usually in business, this 5 minute favor involves some form of networking. “Hey, can you introduce me to so and so?” “Do you know the hiring manager at a company you used to work for?” etc. I’ve done many of these requests and will happily do many more.

Today, however, I’m asking you for a five minute favor. My Marketing Foundations class has created a ten question survey that will take about five minutes to complete (see link below). Will you please do me a five minute favor and take the survey?

Shopping Survey – thank you in advance.

One more favor, and this one will take less than five minutes. Please like and share so that we can get as many respondents for my class to analyze.