The Little Book Series For Big Success

The Little Book Series For Big Success is based on the philosophy that most people looking to make changes in their lives care more about the results than the background.  Each book can be read in under an hour and is designed to get you working on taking your life to a new and higher level of success immediately.  I’ve cut out most of the repetition and background found in most self-directed programs and take you directly to proven tools and techniques to start improving your life today.

Get the first book of the series Greater Than at Amazon.  Greater than is takes you over a wide range of techniques to focus your effort on collecting those low hanging fruits in your life.  By gathering those easy wins, you will start to build momentum.  You will begin to reap the benefits as soon as you put the first technique to work.

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5 stars:

As the year comes to a close, this was just what I needed as I took some time to set some goals for myself. It helped me evaluate how I’m approaching some problems, Knowledge vs Imagination for example, and got me to look at new ways to achieve success. The chapters have great titles and are laid out well. It is an easy read one can reflect on by taking even a chapter a day. I’m excited to see more from ‘The Little Book Series’.

Like it says in the book, ‘Stuff happens.’ It’s all about how we approach that ‘stuff’. Highly recommended!

5 stars:
For a short book, this is an excellent read, for just about anyone. He discusses the fact that there is always a way around a problem and sometimes you just have to take the leap of faith to live your dream. At the same time, there is actually a little bit of humor, which I can appreciate and got me hooked to finish the entire book in only an hour. My favorite chapter and the one that sums it all up is “Action is better than Knowing”. Although I loved every chapter of the book, I’m normally not a non-fiction reader or writer. However, I can appreciate self-help books like these that anyone can pick up and read in only an hour at most! Another bonus is that the author didn’t have to use such sophisticated language to describe what he was talking about, it’s down to earth and anybody can relate to the situations he points out. Overall an educational, easy and even fun read to be had here, I highly recommend it!
5 stars:

This author is on to something. Too often, in our excitement to learn something new, we select books that are lengthy and full of an enormous amount of information, or so we think. However, many times we find that there is just too much repetition, too many references to studies and research, and too much time trying to convince the reader. I much preferred this approach. I appreciated the many to the point helpful suggestions, clear examples, encouragement, and real life stories. His wit was a bonus!!

I definitely recommend this book to the person who is looking for tools to make improvements in his life, to reach goals and increase his general sense of happiness. I look forward to the next Little Book.


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